To Literally Give The Moon EP

by I.Mythos

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Compassion Club I.Mythos has been on the hip hop scene for a while now. While he may still be younger than most of your favorite rappers, he may be your favourite rappers favourite rapper. I.Mythos brings a refreshing sound to hip hop, through excellent production and thoughtful poetry. If you enjoy hard working young musicians trying to make their passion into their career, send a few dollars his way. He's one of the upcoming hip hop master craftsman so watch the fuck out Favorite track: To Literally Give The Moon (Cuts by JabbaThaKut).
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I've been sitting on a couple of these tunes for while and with 'To Literally Give The Moon' (one of my favourite songs I've made) completed I decided to turn to this into a small EP to promote my next album 'Flowers and A Time Machine'


released February 20, 2017

Lyrics, vocals and production by Jack Caleb 'I.Mythos' Day unless noted otherwise

Mixing and mastering by Matt 'Assembly Worker' Smyth and Andy 'JabbaThaKut' Finch

Album art by Amber Harness



all rights reserved


I.Mythos Margate, UK

Taking his influences from such diverse sources as Company Flow, H.P Lovecraft, David Lynch and The Cure. I.Mythos combines dusty, sample driven production with poetic, honest lyrics to form a unique take on Hip-Hop

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Track Name: Heaven With A Picket Fence
Last night the lotus met locusts
Wake up and smell the roses
Sedating dreams hopeless with closeness
To Americana with dismal focus
Meeting literal hocus pockus
(Betwen) lakes where stones skipped
Where the homeless lie boneless
Blackest hearts leave Rome lit
To maintain this different facade
Let's call metropolis the distant mirage
Observe this prison enlarge
Leave despotic systems starved
An idealism fiction discards
Miserys ignorant charade
Melts amongst prism shards
Saw the light resulting instant scars

(Between) life and (between) death
(Between) light and (between) rest
(Between) skies and (between) dirt left
(Between) blue eyes (between) a red dress

Though paradise radiance bares
Edge of forsaken nowheres
Motion ignites causation despairs
Signs of my enslavement flares
Till in reflection the pavement stares
Challenging vagrant prayers
Where revolutionary replacements glares
Autocorrected in this complacent lair
Where deliquents cycle amuk
Suddenly utopian cycles combust
Flesh turns home to defiled dust
Drowning to escape the niles clutch
Reduced to golem with vitals sucked
Here I stand with smiles crushed
I was there for Earth's final dusk
And I'll survive until this vinyl rusts

(Between) life and (between) death
(Between) light and (between) rest
(Between) skies and (between) dirt left
(Between) blue eyes (between) a red dress

Yo shoutouts

Skwid Dilligent
Gentle Jones
Harvey Dopeamine
Sick Rantrum
Dubl Dragon
Oliver Karuna
Track Name: Visions Of The Future
Leave my temporal transporter
Amazing this mortals camcorder
Averting an unplanned slaughter
Consuming my hand wrought Earth
Post binary iron man saga
Leave this enemy land darker
With temporal sands plastered
May I speak to this wastelands farther?
Through this wooden floodgate
Where metallic slugs laid
Secluded in his drugged fate
Where sweat and blood stays
Jump-start this kali-yuga script
From Vulcan to Medusa's pits
Apocalypse lain where this computer lives
I sound insane because this future is
(I Am Blind)
Screaming into tranquility
Catylist that spans history
Across room hangs misery
Greeted by his hands instantly
State I'm looking youthful
As they match oculus to pupil
Scenario seems unusual
As I stand where the truth falls
Face molded beyond my retention
Here I sit at a heretics invention
Informed to design derelict dimensions
Must Stare into degenerate reflections
Seen the face of the enemy shine through
Stare upon it in resigned truth
Curse me for unfurling this fine ruse
Behind the mask you find, you
Track Name: It's Not A Wonderful Life
I'm a mess of bones
But outside flesh I roam
Across depressive stone
Onto my indefinite home
Save photo frames lasting
Nothings changed post partem
Birds nest lain darkening
Hen starts as pains sparking
Pain's embrace here's informal
Crocodile tears at memorial
Eclipse years as mortal
Open lies feared as cordial
Reincarnate as mine-shaft canary's
Heartbreak overlooking last prairies
Heathens wraith varies
Kings weakened by outcast faeries
Human plagues leave for eons
Slaves seen who's wrong
I've seen what I want
They've moved on
I must perform mimicry
So I stand where the spirits leave
Float away from misery
Clouds appear instantly
Angelic wings compose this grace
Find a focused place
Walk inside pearly gates
Identical to grounds of early grave
Track Name: To Literally Give The Moon (Cuts by JabbaThaKut)
(As she had done every night since they met, she went in bare feet and a cantaloupe-meat-colored nightshift to the shore of the sea of mist, the verge of the ocean of smothering vapor, the edge of the bewildering haze he called the Brim of Obscurity.)

Rocketships around tonight
Disguised as magic
Holes leak devouring light
From skies of static
He brings roses to her sight
Rite of passage
Where stepford wives unite
She lies in anguish
Two renegades are made
Enemy soil decays
Neither hologram nor alchemy
His hollowed hands climb her balcony
With impatience
Glimpsing her radience
Gaze into her face
Thoughts cease to syncopate

I'll take you on a voyage through outer space
I'll take you on a voyage through outer space

It was an autumn night
She glimpsed his soaring flight
He fled downpouring twilight
Of a hell enforcing life
Skies hopelessly black
Cries this insomniac
Sunlight begins to crack
He rises from the ash
Another story
Within these Understories
They meet formaly
Drowning slumbering conformity
She takes his hand
Fate changes hands
Forsake this dangerous land
Where his spaceship hangs

I'll take you on a voyage through outer space
I'll take you on a voyage through outer space

A million dreams of you
A million dreams come true
Words piercing through me
Like a subdued breeze
Amongst these trees
Derelict legacies
Cease to envelop me
Eyes shattering telepathy
We touch Jupiters moons
Mistaken for lucifers tomb
Earth left us confused
Space left my consumed
Twin hearts set adrift
Till her tin eyes became monoliths
Nondescript wonder is her calling card
Observing these falling stars

(still holding her, there at the Brim of Obscurity (which, in an earlier time, had been known as the Rim of Oblivion), he said softly)